Giving Hope, Shaping Lives,
Rehabilitating & Contributing Through Art

The inmate artists also seek to contribute back to the community within and outside prisons, in collaboration with community partners. An example of such a project was VAH’s collaboration with Global Cultural Alliances (GCA), involving the elderly with special needs at United Medicare. Engaged to create paintings for one another, the initiative facilitated the unlocking of the transformative powers of art and reconnected two marginalised communities through shared experiences.

VAH plans to engage more external organizations to work with and give our artists more exposure and opportunities for growth and contribution back to the community. Beyond prisons, Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP) and VAH are constantly exploring further avenues to assist our artists in their aftercare(post release). We hope to develop a vibrant aftercare community of art practitioners bounded by their common love for art. We are exploring ways to nurture and develop our artists so that they can find their own ways to contribute to the local arts scene after their release.

You can help our inmate artists make a difference with their lives through various meaningful ways. Examples include adopting their art pieces, partnering with VAH to commission art pieces for your events, or collaborating with VAH to give back to society.